Foxconn To Build It’s Own Mobile Chipsets

Foxconn is trying to delve in chip making. The tech giant is willing to acquire Socle technology for the sole purpose of creating chipsets for use in smartphones. Foxconn has had lots of big clients in the past, Apple is one of them.

Foxconn Keen To Make 14nm Mobile Chipsets

Socle technologies has been in the chip making market for years. In the past it was mainly engaged in making processors such as particular models from the ARM Cortex series. It also made GPU's like the Mali series. "The sources also noted that Socle has completed development of IP for 28nm processes, but it has been prohibited from using other foundry houses to enable production of 28nm chips using its IP, affecting its business development".


With the recent change in fabrication technology, even 22nm technology is now getting old. 14nm and nearby technologies are making a lot more sense. This huge plunge requires a lot of capital which Socle technologies needs.

Foxconn is intending to setup it's own chip designing team for the sole purpose of designing processors to be used in mobile devices. Socle will be producing these processors for Foxconn.

This is quite a 'different' news than one gets to hear about Foxconn. Normally the company is in the news for their bad working conditions or being plagued by deaths of it's employees. This is good news, more competition on the other mobile chip developers wont hurt the consumers.

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