Fortnite Update Adds Fortnitemares Halloween Event, New Playground Items, More

Fortnite has dropped its latest weekly update, and, unsurprisingly, it’s full of spooky Halloweeny content. The big addition is the Fortnitemares PvPvE event – the Cube has returned, and it’s spawning baddies, which drop loot and shield boosts when killed. New Fortnitemares story quests are also coming to Save the World. In addition to the new event, battle royale is getting the badass Six Shooter gun and a bunch of new goodies for Playground mode. You can check out a Fortnitemares trailer, below.

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Here are your notes for Fortnite patch 6.20:

Battle Royale

Limited Time Event: Fortnitemares


The Cube strikes back, bringing Fortnitemares to Battle Royale! Drop in and discover what the Cube has unleashed.

What’s New?

  • Cube Fragments spawn Cube Monsters! Drop in and discover the different types.
  • Large Cube Fragments are found near corrupted areas of the island.
  • Small Cube Fragments are created randomly throughout the match.
  • Cube Fiends, Brutes, and Fragments all have a chance to drop loot.

Defeating a Cube Fiend or Brute will grant a small amount of shield.

  • Eliminating a Cube Fiend will grant +3 shield
  • Eliminating an Elite Cube Fiend will grant +5 shield
  • Eliminating a Cube Brute will grant +10 shield
  • Eliminating an Elite Cube Brute will grant +15 shield
  • Eliminating a Mega Cube Brute will grant +20 shield

Fiend Hunter Crossbow added. Fortnitemare Limited time weapon.

  • Available in Epic variant.
  • 40 base damage
  • 1.8 shots per second.
  • 4x damage against Fiends
  • Seven Arrow magazine size, unlimited ammo.
  • Can be found from floor loot, chests and Vending Machines.


New Port-A grenades are now available in Vending Machines at the southern edge of Loot Lake. The Port-A-Challenge set includes the Building Challenge, Obstacle Course, and Firing Range minigames. There’s four of each type with varying difficulty.

The Spiky Stadium makes a return with a brand new respawn system and Vending Machines to provide all the necessary grenades. Finally, there’s the Port-A-Pirateship mini-game. This grenade spawns a re-creation of the minigame shown off by SXVXN!


  • Obstacle Course: Collect the tokens and avoid the obstacles while honing your building skills.
  • Building Challenge: Build the structure as fast as possible.
  • Firing Range: Take out as many dummies as you can within the time limit.

Spiky Stadium v2

  • Once inside the new Spiky Stadium, players will respawn at designated spawn points inside the playspace.
  • Vending machines provide grenades and Traps to allow you to customize your play.


  • A re-creation of the minigame shown off by SXVXN.
  • Spawns two large wooden Pirate ships.
  • The minigame will split players into two teams, with the goal of destroying the other team’s ship.

Port-A-Pirateship Ironclad Edition

  • Spawns two large metal Pirate ships.
  • Grenades and Rockets are provided for maximum destruction


  • New Vending Machines have been added across the map to provide more Traps and weapons.
  • A new respawn button has been added to the in-game player menu.

Weapons + Items

Six Shooter added.

  • Available in Uncommon, Rare and Epic variants.
  • 34 / 36 / 38 base damage.
  • Shoot from the hip for faster fire rate, or trade rate of fire for precision by aiming down the sight
  • Uses Medium Ammo.
  • Can be found from floor loot, chests and Vending Machines.

The Rocket Launcher is now the Pumpkin Rocket Launcher.

  • This is a visual only change.

Hand Cannon balance changes.

  • Increased damage to structures. Epic - From 79 to 150. Legendary - From 83 to 157
  • Increased minimum long-range body shot damage. Epic - From 30 to 50. Legendary - From 31 to 52
  • Increased minimum long-range head shot damage. Epic - From 60 to 100. Legendary - From 62 to 104

Stink Bomb

  • Increased chance to find from floor loot from 0.27% to 0.47%
  • Increased chance to find from Chests from 2.37% to 4.08%


  • Increased the chance of getting an explosive weapon from Chests from 3.06% to 3.35%
  • Decreased the chance of getting a Grenade Launcher from 1.35% to 0.91%
  • Increased the chance of getting a Rocket Launcher from 0.83% to 1.12%


  • The Glider Redeploy functionality that’s available in the Soaring Limited Time Modes can now be used in all game modes. Help us test this feature and let us know what you think.
  • When in mid-air and greater than 10m up, press Jump to deploy your glider.
  • Weapons now reload upon respawn in modes that keep the player's inventory.

Storm Changes

  • Wait time for phase 3 has been reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Wait time for phase 5 has been reduced from 70 seconds to 50 seconds.
  • Late game moving circles will now immediately begin traveling to a new location after it reaches its current destination.
  • Storm's maximum damage has been reduced from 10 to 8.
  • The final circle now moves and shrinks at the same time.


  • Players will now take 2 damage per second while in the Down But Not Out state instead of 2 damage every 2 seconds.
  • Maximum time in the DBNO state reduced from 100 seconds to 50 seconds if no friendly player attempts to revive you.


  • Added unique sounds when cycling through Traps.
  • Removed the in-air audio cue for Gliders that belong to friendly teammates.
  • Reduced volume of Dark Viking glider.


  • Your name now always appears at the top of your squad list in-game.

Art + Animation

  • New variants added to the Musha and Hime Outfits that are part of the Bushido set.
  • No Challenges are needed to unlock these variants. If you own the Outfits they will be automatically unlocked.

Save The World

Missions + Systems

Fortnitemares Part 1 is now available!

  • Venture into the creepy lands of Hexsylvania and experience the “Vlad Moon Rising” questline. Now upgraded with additional narrative content!
  • Earn Candy and spend it on Fortnitemare Llamas.
  • Candy can be earned by playing missions in Hexslyvania or by defeating Miniboss mission alerts on the normal campaign missions.

All of the Fortnitemares Heroes from the past can be found in the Fortnitemare Llama:

  • Marine Corpse Ramirez
  • Skull Trooper Jonesy
  • Hazard the 13th
  • Catstructor Penny
  • Shuriken Master Llamurai
  • Sarah Hotep
  • Ranger Beetlejess
  • The Llama also contains Fortnitemares Survivors. Collect the full set of survivors (in your Collection Book) to unlock the Legendary Pumpkin Launcher schematic!


  • Miniboss Mission Alerts have been returned to their normal reward amounts, and once again grant Event Tickets (Candy) instead of Gold.
  • Removed the Shared Hero Damage modifier from Mutant Storm mission alerts.
  • Removed Power Rating requirement text from Deep Blu Somethings Quest Objectives.
  • Activating the pylons quest can be done in any zone.


Added Mythic Soldier - Quickdraw Calamity to the Event Store

  • Gunslinger who only needs six shots to get the job done.
  • New Perk: Six Shooter - The first 6 rounds in pistol magazines deal 12% increased damage and 24% increased impact.
  • Available on October 24 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Bloodfinder A.C. Outlander has returned and is available on the Event Store

  • Available on October 24 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

All Founders will receive a pair of new Heroes when they log in during the first few weeks of Fortnitemares:

  • Skull Ranger Ramirez
  • Brainiac Jonesy

Weapons + Items

A new set of Rat Rod weapons are available in the Fortnitemares Llama:


  • Fast-firing LMG with a large magazine size and a ramp-up time.


  • A medium club with a good balance of damage and speed.


  • A light axe with a good balance of damage and impact.

Two Step

  • A 2-shot burst shotgun that decimates targets at mid-range.


  • A fast-firing automatic sniper rifle for combat at mid to long range.


  • Weak Spot will now show on Deliver the Bomb Rail Traps, if being struck by a player.
  • When aiming at an enemy, the crosshair/reticle will no longer change to red.


  • Vampiric Takers appear in Hexslyvania! These Mist Monsters drain your health to heal themselves when they attack and are weakened during the day.
  • Some of the Husks have got their heads stuck in Jack-o-Lanterns, making them look even more spooky than usual!


  • Updated the message shown when a player fails to join a mission due to a low power rating.
  • This will help communicate the reason for the failure.


  • Fortnitemares lobby, ambient and combat music updated.
  • Added new Victory music when completing selected missions before the final Victory event.

If you need the lowdown on ever bug fix, you can check out the full unabridged notes, right here.

As usual, the tireless dataminers at Fortnite Battle Royale Leaks have been digging in the new update and found some new, not-yet-released skins.

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Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

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