Fortnite Season 5 Available Now, Includes All Terrain Kart Four-Person Vehicle

Alessio Palumbo
Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Season 5 is available now, Epic Games announced today in a press release. Changes to the map include a Viking ship, desert outpost, and ancient statues, while Moisty Mire has been hit with a drought, bringing with it a brand new desert outpost. The first four-person vehicle, the All Terrain Kart, was also added to the game's Battle Royale mode.

Obviously, Fortnite Season 5 comes with its own Battle Pass, priced at 950 V-Bucks and packed with 100 levels and over 100 new rewards. For the full patch notes, check Epic's official site.

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All Terrain Kart (Battle Royale)
Powerslide into battle with the all-new All Terrain Kart (ATK)! Grab some friends and go for a ride.


Rifts (Battle Royale)
Test your courage and step through a Rift. You’re in for a wild ride.


Challenge the Horde (Save the World)
Rally the squad and prepare for the ultimate challenge of survival and teamwork.


Wild West Heroes (Save the World)
Saddle up with the new Wild West Heroes, available during the Road Trip event.


Flintlock Weapons (Save the World)
Let the sparks fly! Fight off hordes of Husks with the new Flintlock Weapons set.



  • When the "Invited to Party" prompt appears in the UI you can now immediately accept the invite rather than having to open the Party Finder.
  • The News widget has been adjusted to avoid the need for a scrollbar in most cases.
    • A scroll option has been added for controller users in the event that scrolling is needed.
  • Updated consoles to use less shader storage. This improves patch sizes and reduces load times.
  • Optimized file ordering to reduce load times on all platforms.
  • The “Epic Friends” button now appears on the Main Menu when using a gamepad on Windows or Mac.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that intermittently caused the Push-To-Talk setting to not function as intended.
  • Blocked players will no longer show as suggested friends.

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