Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collaboration Brings New Items, Quests, Versus Boards, Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival, and More

The world of Dragon Ball has entered the world of Fortnite to bring powerful and iconic characters alongside multiple new experiences for players. With this new collaboration, players will be able to test their skills and complete new limited-time quests and even participate in Dragon Ball Adventure Island experiences.

Here's a gameplay trailer that will let you see everything that will be available in the Dragon Ball collaboration:

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With this new collaboration between Dragon Ball and Fortnite, players can play through seven sets of quests that will test players' skills in strength, agility, focus, and more. With each training set you complete, you’ll earn a Dragon Ball and raise your Power Level, unlocking awesome rewards like the Dragon Radar Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays, and Battle Pass levels. These quests will be available from now until August 30, 2022.

The collaboration also brings Versus Boards. This new mode pits you against another player in a fight to become the island's strongest. Both players must opt into a battle by interacting with a Board on the Island, and when your opponent is chosen, you each will be revealed on the other’s map. Then, you'll have to defeat your opponent in less than 5 minutes. Versus Board will temporarily take the place of Bounty Boards and can be found where they were previously.

Fortnite Dragon Ball

Players will also be able to wield the powers of Son Goku and fire Kamehameha waves or fly through the sky using the Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) item in Battle Royale. These items will be available in deliveries dropped from the sky by Capsule Corp throughout each match. More capsules will appear as the Storm closes, so expect a lot of epic showdowns at the last few moments of the match.

Additionally, suppose you're a fan of Dragon Ball Super or someone who has discovered the series for the first time. In that case, you'll be able to board a cruise ship created by the team at Vysena Studios to watch Dragon Ball Super episodes that will be cast throughout a unique Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival. You'll be able to join the festival in Discover or watch the specific episodes by inputting Island codes that are available in the Fortnite Blog Post.

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On August 18, 2022. Players can take on a contest of epic proportions in the Tournament of Power. The tournament will be available in the Competitive playlist, and it will let players compete in a Battle Royale Duos tournament for the chance to win emoticons, banner icons, and sprays. Do keep in mind that you will need Two-Factor Authentication enabled to participate and be at an account Level 50 or above.

Finally, what's a Fortnite x Dragon Ball Collaboration event without its iconic characters? Son Goku will be avbailable in the Item Shop and will come with Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct alt styles, and a built-in emote: Goku's Charging Up. Vegeta will be available in the same vein and will have Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved alt styles.

Alongside Goku and Vegeta, Bulma will also be a playable character available in the item shop. She will come with a Lab Coat alt style. Finally, the god of destruction Lord Beerus is also available. The neat part is that you can pick up characters and other neat items in bundles. The Dragon Ball x Fortnite collaboration is now available. Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Android and iOS owners can also play this game through GeForce NOW.

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