Forever Skies Gameplay Reveal Shows a World of Ecological Deterioration

Ule Lopez
Forever Skies

Far From Home, a development studio based in Wroclaw Poland has revealed its debut title. This game is an action-survival game set in a deteriorated Earth known as Forever Skies. This game has been in the making for over two years and the talent behind it compresses several former AA and AAA developers.

In Forever Skies, players take the role of a lone scientist who returns to Earth long after a global ecological catastrophe has left the planet uninhabitable to humans. Above the toxic clouds are the remnants of humanity's last stand. Now, this scientist will have to build, expand, and control a high-tech airship while researching mysterious substances and crafting tools for survival.

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The game will allow players to explore the world via their airship or on foot. It will also feature crafting, base building, planting, combat, and scientific research in virology in search of a cure to help those few who have survived in orbit. Of course, since the Earth is now an entirely new ecosystem, you can expect to fight against evolved and dangerous creatures.

The game will be a single-player experience in the first stages of Early Access when it reaches Steam. However, a co-op mode is currently planned to be one of the key features that will be added as a content update after it comes out on Early Acess.

Below you can watch a gameplay reveal of Forever Skies:

The game is developed by Far From Home, a studio comprised of experienced developers of games in the AAA and indie segments. The studio positions as AA+, blending their expertise and know-how in premium production, and willingness to further venture into tackling games with deeper meaning and mature subject matter.

Andrzej Blumenfeld, Far From Home CEO and Gameplay Lead, had the following to say regarding Forever Skies:

We were truly overwhelmed and humbled by the initial reception of our project. I hope that the teaser trailer with the first gameplay running on the power of Unreal Engine will give a nice glimpse into our wrecked world and a clear idea of the direction we’re heading.

The studio was formed in April 2020 and the developers have experience working in games like Dying Light, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite, and the Divinity: Original Sin series. Currently, Forever Skies is planned to be released via Steam Early Access at some point in 2022. The development studio has confirmed that the game will be available on consoles at a later date.

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