Ford Has Partnered With Vodafone To Bring 4G To Its Upcoming European Cars


Ford is bringing something to its upcoming European vehicles by entering into a partnership with Vodafone to install 4G modems into the cars. The modem will have the ability to provide 4G LTE connectivity and will allow ten devices to easily connect simultaneously. This announcement was made by the firm at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. However, only selective 2018 vehicles will come with this service and an additional wireless service plan will also be required.

Ford and Vodafone connections

The announcement is definitely exciting but Ford didn’t provide a lot of details about the costs of these new vehicles? Will an extra service cost will be charged or will it be a one-time fee or monthly subscription. Very smart move, if you ask me. The service will be first made available in France, Germany Italy, Spain and the UK. Afterwards it will be slowly rolled out in other European countries. Vodafone’s global SIM will be used by the modem and European Union regulations will be followed in regards to mobile roaming.

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In-car Wi-Fi is not a new concept but Ford hopes to provide differentiation in the form of improved connection and speed. According to what was announced the connection will be strong enough to support games and media streaming, however, connection speeds can vary depending on your location. If a car is providing you with fast internet for gaming and streaming; drivers please do not try using it while driving. Leave the perks to the passengers.

Drivers don’t worry; there are some benefits for you too. The modem will allow to you to connect to Ford’s Connect and FordPass services so you can lock and unlock doors from anywhere and check fuel and oil levels. Real-time traffic updates can help in choosing your best routes. The company is also connecting the modem to an eCall service that can dial emergency services automatically and share the vehicle location in case of an accident.