Flash Sale on Stereo Gaming Headsets – Featuring Dareu, Onikuma K1 Pro and More


A hardcore gamer requires hardcore equipment and if you think you fit the category then you're in luck. That's right, we have some pretty good deals on Stereo Gaming Headsets that you can check out right now. In addition, the products available are going through a discount period which you can opt for right now. Our list includes Dareu EH715, Onikuma K1 Pro and much more.

Insane Discounts On Stereo Gaming Headsets: Includes Onikuma K1 Pro, Dareu EH715 And More

If you're in need of any Stereo Gaming Headsets, be sure to note that the discount is available for a limited time. This means that the price drop will soon revert back to its original model. If you're looking to get one of the options, we would advise you to act fast and order your share as soon as possible. Now, let's get down to the list.

Gocomma Onikuma K1 Pro

Main Features
Superb sound quality:
● The high-precision 50mm driver delivers crisp sound, powerful bass and outstanding stereo sound. Superior comfort earmuffs provide better sound insulation. High-quality sound production units bring you vivid and clear sound quality.
Comfortable wearing design:
● Lightweight, self-adjusting head beam design reduces your hearing damage, comforts for a long time, and provides flexibility to adapt to different people completely.
Inline volume and microphone control:
● The direction of the microphone can be adjusted freely. Noise reduction makes sound pickup and delivery smoother and more accurate.
● Convenient rotary volume control and microphone mute button for necessary adjustments and fast
Super compatibility: 
● Designed for game equipment professional PS4, PS4 Pro, Slim PS4, Xbox One on Xbox One, Sintendo Switch. Also for PCs, laptops, smartphones and other devices with 3.5mm audio connectors.

The Gocomma Onikuma K1 Pro is one of the finest options available on our list of Stereo Gaming Headsets. It boasts all the necessary features offered at quality along with pretty aggressive design aesthetics which we all know gamers love. If you're up for it, the Gocomma Onikuma K1 Pro is available at a good 15 percent discount, which drops the price down to just $22.99. Simply head over to this link to get it.

Dareu EH725

Main Features:

Headphone material: ABS
With or without microphone: with wheat
Cable length: 2.2m
Headphone type: wired
Hidden microphone
Cool LED lighting
Impedance: 32ohm
Sensitivity 108dB / + / - 3dB
Signal to noise ratio 60 + / - 3dB
Virtual 7.1 channel with 50mm sound unit
High protein sweat-absorbent breathable earmuffs

The Dareu EH725 is a great option as it offers not only great design but LEDs for better aesthetics. The design elements incorporated are quite comfortable. If you're interested, the Dareu EH725 is available at a 9 percent discount, which makes the price jump down to just $35.99. Head over to this link to get it.

Each G4000

Main Features:
• Primary kind of gaming headset, perfect for playing games and listening music
• Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as adjustable length hinges guarantee hours of gaming comfort
• Delivers clear sound and deep bass for Real Game
• Flexible microphone for exact positioning, and mic with great sensitivity at picking up sounds, your partner can hear your words clearly
• Little smart in-line control for sound and Mic
• LED lights are designed on the earcups, making it look more fashionable and stunning

If you're a man of stealth, the Each G4000 definitely looks enticing. The solid black and blue combination provides an elegant yet aggressive look. the built-in mic is essential and it brags high quality. If the Each G4000 piques your interest, it is available at an impressive 13 percent discount, which makes the price come down to just $19.82. Head over to this link to get it.

Dareu EH715

Main Features
● Accurately judge the sound to defeat opponent
● 40mm sound unit, easily listen to various sound effects
● Clearer omnidirectional microphone
● High protein sweat absorbent and breathable earmuffs

Our personal favorite in terms of design and quality, the Dareu EH715 is a must-have for its price. The sleek black and orange provide an elegant look and feel. If you're into it and want to get your hands on the device, the Dareu EH715 are available at a good 6 percent off, making the price come down to just $17.99. Head over to this link to get it.

Kotion Each G9000

Main Features:
High precision 40mm driver, bring you vivid sound field, sound clarity, sound shock feeling, capable of various games.
Perfectly designed for PS4.
Splendid ambient noise isolation.
3.5mm connector, it is suitable for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, Samsung S5, S4, LG, Xiaomi, iPad, PC, laptop, tablet, etc.
Earmuffs used with skin-friendly leather material, and super soft Over-ear pads that is more comfortable for long time wear.
Glaring LED lights are designed on the earcups, highlighting the atmosphere of the game.

The Kotion Each features high-end features at a budget price like the sound quality. In addition, the best part about the Kotion Each is its compatibility with consoles. If you're up for it, the Kotion Each is available at an insane 16 percent off. This makes its price come down to just  $21.28. Head over to this link to get your share.

That's all for our list of discount on Stereo Gaming Headsets. If you're interested in getting one, be sure to note that the price drop is only available for a limited time. So hurry up and order your share as soon as you can. The discount is only available for a limited time, so act fast.

This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Stereo Gaming Headsets? Would you be willing to get thee Dareu EH715? Let us know in the comments.