How to Fix or Prevent Frayed Lightning Cables of iPhone and iPad – iOS Tips

Prevent frayed Lightning cable:

Care is better than cure - as it has been said forever. Keeping on with the tradition then, here are a couple tips to help you prevent frayed Lightning cables:

  • Considering that most of the damage is done to the cables by pulling it from the cable rather than the connector, it would be nice if you start pitying the poor cable and giving the pull-out pressure on the connector itself, rather than the sensitive cable.fix frayed Lightning cable
  • To avoid twisting of the cable, a simple and yet helpful tip is to use a spring at the end of the connector. Get some spring from any of the used up pens laying around your room and twirl it around the end of the cable. This will ensure that the Lightning cable is not bent for a longer time maximizing its lifetime.

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Fix frayed Lightning cables:

Now to the crucial case of frayed Lightning cables and how to actually fix them. The old wisdom tells us to use some tape around the frayed part of the cable to avoid any more damage. For the better, or rather best, option though go to the Apple Store and get a replacement of your cable. Interwebs tell us that angels manning the Apple Stores don't really ask for any details when you take your Lightning cable and your iPhone / iPad. No warranty checks, nothing. Hope you too get lucky and get a free replacement.

You can also buy a new Lightning cable for $19 from the Apple Store or from Amazon for $10.

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