Google Pixel Ad Parody Highlights the ‘Still Useful’ Attributes of Nexus 6


Google’s newly announced Pixel and Pixel XL are going to be on the tongues of every user salivating to get their hands on the latest stock-Android running smartphone family. However, paying homage to previous generation devices is a tradition that has long been followed and one YouTube user has decided to highlight the ‘old’ features of Nexus 6, and to remind you, the phablet happens to be two years old.

Nexus 6 Ad Parody Follows the Same Slow Motion Movement and Pattern That Google Used When Promoting Its Pixel and Pixel

The ad parody has been made by Superior Sandbox, and follows the same style that tech giant Google used for its Pixel and Pixel XL. This would include slow-motion rotating highlight of the phone, along with summarizing a bulky number of its features. However, instead of promoting the powerful and attractively designed Pixel and Pixel XL, the Nexus 6 has been shown in the ad, which to remind you can still perform well on its own.

Unfortunately, most users will not find use for a Nexus 6 anymore, especially now when Google has dropped software support for the humongous smartphone. Despite the fact that Google and Motorola might have meant well, the pricing and the massive bulk of Nexus 6 meant that a very small percentage of smartphone users would be able to purchase it. A large portion of those users flocked over to Samsung’s side to purchase the Galaxy Note 4, primarily because it had a larger battery capacity, expandable storage and exclusive features catered to those who used a stylus.

While some might have missed this, Superior Sandbox might have also provided a hidden reason for promoting the Nexus 6 instead of any other smartphone running stock Android. Nexus 6 happens to be the most expensive stock-Android running handset before Pixel and Pixel were introduced, which is why it had become extremely unpopular.

Perhaps the video maker is attempting to provide cryptic messages to Google to adjust the pricing strategy of its handsets or risk consumers seeking a better alternative. Why do you guys think the user ended up using the Nexus 6 instead of any other smartphone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments right away.