Fix iOS 9.2.1 Battery Life Issues


Here's how you can fix battery life related issues on iOS 9.2.1 running on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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iOS 9.2.1 was released last week, and on the face of things, it's a very small update that patches a few security related issues and brings to the table the oh-so important bug fixes. While those aforementioned changes might not be enough to alter the way we use our iOS devices, but some users are reporting that updating to Cupertino's new firmware brings bad battery life to the table. But strangely enough, if you've updated fresh using iTunes, then you'll notice no change in battery life whatsoever. Only the OTA (over the air) method of updating hinders battery life it seems. Before you go for a clean restore we highly recommend going through other stuff in order to maintain battery life.

Turn Off Certain Or Unused iOS Features

There are a lot of things you can pull off on iOS to make sure that you get the most out of your device's battery. Turning off features such as Bluetooth, parallax effects usually helps. And while the list is somewhat huge to go through, but luckily, we have an entire post dedicated to the topic, which you can check out right here.

Install iOS 9.2.1 From Scratch Using iTunes

If turning off features hasn't helped one bit, then you might want to install iOS 9.2.1 from scratch using iTunes. But before you dive right in, make sure that you back up everything to iTunes itself, then of course, restore it back once the installation process is complete.

Simply connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to your PC or Mac, launch iTunes, select your device from the top left hand side of iTunes, then simply click on the 'Restore iPhone' button by holding down the left Shift key (Windows) or the left Option key (Mac). Select the iOS 9.2.1 firmware file when prompted for it. iTunes will simply verify the firmware file with Apple and restoration process will begin. It can take a few minutes to complete so exercise patience during the entire ordeal.

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Speaking of the firmware file, you can download it directly from here: Download And Install iOS 9.2.1 Update For iPhone, iPad – Direct Links.

We highly recommend all users to update their devices to iOS 9.2.1 as it features security patches and bug fixes, something that add up to become an important part of the entire ecosystem. Also be sure to let us know in the comments section below if this method has fixed battery related issues for you or not.