iOS 9.2.1 Fixed a 3-Year Old Security Flaw, But Failed to Address iPhone 6s Frozen Battery Level Issue

Rafia Shaikh

Apple released iOS 9.2.1 earlier this week to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The software update brought in patches for some security vulnerabilities, including a 3-year old cookie store bug in Safari. The latest update also reportedly improves performance significantly on older iPhones. However, one of the most reported flaws wasn't fixed in this latest software release - the frozen battery level issue in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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iOS 9.2.1 failed to fix frozen battery level issue:

Owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been reporting having trouble with frozen battery charge levels. The iOS 9.2.1 battery issue freezes the battery level regardless of any further drain or charging of the device. While users were waiting for iOS 9.2.1 to fix this battery issue, Apple has shared with ArsTechnica that it has yet to send a fix for the issue. "Apple tells us it's still looking into the battery percentage indicator issue and that there's no fix available in 9.2.1," reports the publication.

Apple says that iOS 9.2.1 doesn't address the problem for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users, an issue that the owners of the latest iPhone 6s duo have been facing since October, last year.

“When I charge the phone, it gets stuck for hours to the same percentage or charges very very slow. When I reboot the phone suddenly it shows me 100%. I really hope Apple has a fix for this bug.” User complaint

Apple went public last week claiming that it's investigating the bug that may cause the battery percentage level to be displayed inaccurately. As the battery percentage levels won't update for some iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users who have changed the time zone on their devices, Apple shared an official workaround to the issue. However, a fix was expected to arrive in this week's iOS 9.2.1 update.

Until a future software update fixes the iOS 9.2.1 battery issue, here is how you can try to fix it yourself:

  • Restart your phone.
  • Go to Settings > General Date & Time
  • Set your clock to Set Automatically.

You can also visit our detailed guide, posted earlier. A major software update, iOS 9.3, is now expected to follow iOS 9.2.1. Already in testing, we are hoping to see the upcoming release finally bringing a fix to this iOS 9.2.1 battery issue.

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