First Super Mario 3D All-Stars Switch Screenshots Released by Nintendo; Includes Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy

Aernout van de Velde

Nintendo has released the first batch of Super Mario 3D All-Stars screenshots for the Nintendo Switch.

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally officially announced its Super Mario 35th Anniversary collection for the Nintendo Switch yesterday. Titled ‘Super Mario 3D All-Stars’, the bundle packs 3 Remastered classic Super Mario titles, including 1996’s Super Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube, and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy, which was released on the Wii.

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While off these titles have been remastered in some form, only Super Mario Sunshine will display in 1080p in docked mode, while Mario Galaxy will display in resolutions up to 1080 docked. Mario 64 will run in 960 x 720 pixels in both docked and handheld mode.

On Twitter, the official Japanese Super Mario 3D All-Stars account has now released the first set of screenshots of these titles running on the Switch. We’ve included them in the gallery below.

Super Mario 64

[translated from Japanese] Mario 64 was released in NINTENDO64 in 1996, Super Mario's first 3D action. To save Peach and Kinopio trapped in the world of painting, Mario set out on an adventure to collect power stars.


Super Mario Sunshine

[translated from Japanese] Mario is carrying his buddy's pump, defeating the enemy with water discharge, flying in the sky, a great adventure in action that makes full use of water. This is the first reprint in about 18 years since it was released in the Nintendo GameCube in 2002.


Super Mario Galaxy

[translated from Japanese] Mario jumps out into the vast universe to save Peach who was exposed to Bowser. You can run upside down on a star with gravity, or take advantage of weightless gravity to jump to the star. You can also play with two people in assist play.


Super Mario 3D All-Stars launches globally on September 18, but the bundle will only be available for purchase until March 31st, 2021.

Optimized versions of 3D Mario games Super Mario 64Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy are coming to Nintendo Switch in one package. In addition to having higher resolutions than their original versions, the games have been optimized for a smooth gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch. Super Mario 3D All-Stars also includes an in-game music-player mode to play the music and songs from all three games. Players can also listen to music on their Nintendo Switch systems when the screen is off. A limited production of Super Mario 3D All-Stars launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on Sept. 18 and will be available until approximately March 31, 2021.

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