First AMD Ryzen 2000 Series Ready X470 Motherboard Pictured – Gigabyte Gaming 7 WiFi

AMD's second generation "Zen+" based Ryzen 2000 series CPUs are set to debut in April, alongside a new roster of next generation high-end X470 motherboards. However, thanks to the excitement surrounding the company's new lineup, partners such as Gigabyte have decided to tease some of their new motherboard designs here at CES several months in advance.

I should preface that Gigabyte does not officially acknowledge this new Gaming 7 WiFi as an X470 motherboard and has removed any stickers that would suggest so, primarily because the X470 series chipset hasn't officially been released yet. But according to GamersNexus, this is indeed an X470 board.

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First AMD Ryzen 2000 Series Ready X470 Board Appears In The Wild


Gallery Credit : GamersNexus

This is going to be the first Gaming 7 series motherboard from the company on the AMD side, which has only seen Gaming 5 and Gaming K7 variants so far, which don't quite offer the premium set of features that the Gaming 7 is expected to deliver.

The motherboard maintains the same RGB lighting bathed gamer-esque aesthetic design we've come to expect from Gigabyte's Gaming series boards. And as the name suggests, the Gaming 7 WiFi is equipped with an on-board dual band AC wireless chip. The motherboard features three full length PCIe slots, two PCIe x1 slots and two M.2 slots. It also features improved VRM cooling with the beefiest VRM heatsink that we've seen on any current Gigabyte X370 motherboard.

In terms of rear I/O we have four regular USB3.0 ports, two high power USB3.0 ports for fast charging, two USB 3.1 ports, one of which is type-C and two USB2.0 ports. The board also has two convenient buttons to power the system on and off and reset CMOS i.e. resetting your BIOS/UEFI in case an overclocking attempt goes awry.

You can expect to find this new board as well as a plethora of new X470 & Ryzen 2000 series offerings come this April.


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