Firefox Is Going To Reduce Adobe Flash Usage Starting Next Month


Mozilla is going to leash down its support for Flash content from next month which is "not essential to the user experience". This is just another step by the company to end the use of Flash on Firefox which is a slowly dying plugin. After this year Firefox will have a new click to activate policy to check and approve the use of Flash for any given content on a site. Websites that are still using Adobe’s Flash or Microsoft’s Silverlight for games and videos are advised to begin their "plan on adopting HTML technologies as soon as possible."

It looks like Flash is gone for good

Flash on the web has always allowed the users to watch videos and other similar on ground interactive content however the unstable experience caused as a result of its performance issues have turned the pleasant experience into something no user really wants on the web. Also, Flash is one of the most used gateway by the attackers in order to take advantage of the security vulnerabilities. According to the company, the change in the policy of Flash usage from the next month will not only allow the reduction in the Firefox crashes but will also reduce the hangs in the Firefox by a maximum of 10%. This will also allow "enhanced security, improved battery life, faster page load, and better browser responsiveness."

firefox flash plugin

Mozilla is just another browser joining the long list of tech giants including Google, Microsoft and Apple which already stopped showing the ageing plugin earlier this year. However, Apple blocked Flash from its Safari browser from the beginning. Adobe itself stopped developing anymore Flash players update for the mobile devices.

Mozilla is also planning to provide a better user end experience by introducing Web APIs in place of plugins for audio and video playbacks. The shift to HTML5 explains how the Flash Player is going to be extinct soon.