Firefly Studios, Developers of Stronghold Series, Announce Romans: Age of Caesar

Firefly Studios are a studio that have long been in the mind of strategy fans like myself. That's primarily because Stronghold, released way back in the golden days of 2001, and it's successors were excellent strategy titles. Well, at least to begin with, having diminishing results later on, though never actually making a bad title.

Venturing into MMORTS back in 2007, Firefly developed Stronghold Kingdoms which they later re-released on both Steam and Mobile devices back in 2017. Over six million players have reportedly played Stronghold Kingdoms, which Firefly Studios are hoping to recreate and surpass in their next outing. This outing, a spiritual successor to Stronghold Kingdoms, is called Romans: Age of Caesar and is currently in closed alpha and letting players pre-register on the website now.

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Acting as the obvious inspiration to Romans: Age of Caesar, is Firefly's city-building sim, CivCity: Rome. Rather than just one person being in charge of rebuilding Rome and the cities of Rome. The game will place you and up to fifteen other players acting as governors, sharing resources between them as they rebuild Rome, re-establish trade routes with other cities across a map of the Roman Empire. In addition to co-operation, players will also come into conflict with the other governors, all of this taking place within the same game.

Core features of the game are as follows:

  • Build Rome TogetherCo-operate with thousands of other players to rebuild the great cities and empire of Rome.
  • Grow Your Economy – Share resources, knowledge and legionnaires to expand your city with unique districts and features.
  • Perfect and ProtectPlan the roads, services and overall design of your economy while holding back barbarian hordes.
  • Reforge an Empire – Trade with fellow Romans, ally with your countrymen and crush the savages from England to Africa.
  • Kill Caesar – Barter or backstab your way to the top of the Senate. How long can YOU hold the title of Caesar?
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