Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age New Comparison Video Highlights Huge Differences


In less than a week, fans of the Final Fantasy series will be able to enjoy Final Fantasy XII on PlayStation 4 with Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. If you're still on the fence regarding this remaster, you may want to check out a new comparison video which highlights the differences with the original PlayStation 2 release.

The new Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age comparison video, put together by Candyland, shows a variety of sequences taken from the first few hours of the game, showing how much better the game looks on PlayStation 4.

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The enhancements included in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age have been detailed last month by Square Enix producer Hiroaki Kato, who also confirmed that the game will come with PlayStation 4 Pro support.

When creating the HD version of the visuals, we were careful to preserve the unique graphical texture of Akihiko Yoshida’s character illustrations while enhancing the expressiveness with modern technology.

And so, not only did we increase the resolution of the character models, but we have also strived to improve the textures such as the skin, hair, cloth, leather, metal, and any other material.

We have also improved the expressiveness of light and shadow by implementing modern lighting technology. The world inside the game can now be enjoyed with a greater sense of atmosphere and depth as we have enhanced the natural blur (depth of field) and soft lighting (ambient occlusion).

Oh yes, the resolution increases even more if you play this title on a 4K compatible TV with a PS4 Pro, so please try it out if you have the environment to do so.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 on July 11th.