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Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age New PC Mod Allows Creation Of Custom License Boards


Earlier this month, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age has finally been released on PC, and we haven't had to wait much for mods, as the first ones are already out, allowing for some very interesting things.

One of the most interesting mods released for the game so far is the Zodiac Planner mod, which allows players to create Custom License Boards for the game.

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Introductory Note

Even if you remove a license block from a board, if you use a save file where the character has already obtained such block, it will remain unlocked. For example, if I unlock White Magicks 5 with Ashe, and then replace the White Mage board with one that does not have the White Magicks 5 node, it will still be unlocked for that character. This because the save file does not track license board completion, only license nodes.

As such, replacing the license boards will not reset your obtained licenses.

The license board files

You will want to use the VBF Browser. Browse to /ps2data/image/ff12/test_battle/in/binaryfile and you will find 12 files named board_1.bin to board_12.bin. They correspond in the following order:

board_1.bin White Mage
board_2.bin Uhlan
board_3.bin Machinist
board_4.bin Red Battlemage
board_5.bin Knight
board_6.bin Monk
board_7.bin Time Battlemage
board_8.bin Foebreaker
board_8.bin Archer
board_10.bin Black Mage
board_11.bin Bushi
board_12.bin Shikari

Extract them if you want to modify them, then open in the Zodiac Planner. If not just start from scratch.


Select cells you want and set them as a license. You can not set two of the same license in a single board. If you want a unified experience (like vanilla), you can replace all boards with the same file.

Four sets of pre-made License Boards are also available. You can find them alongside the mod on Nexus Mods.

Additionally, another License Boards mod has also been released recently, the Zodiac Sphere mod, which introduces a Final Fantasy X style Sphere Grid.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is now available on PC and PlayStation 4. You can learn more about the recently released PC version by reading our review.