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Fallout 76 PC Depth Of Field, FOV, Anti-Aliasing Settings Can Be Changed Through INI File


Fallout 76 is finally available on PC and consoles in all regions, but it seems like those with the PC version of the game are having a hard time enjoying the game, as this version lacks options that are available in several other games. Thankfully, it's possible to change some of the game's setting by messing around with the game's files.

The Fallout 76 Depth of Field, FOV and Anti-Aliasing settings can be accessed by modifying the Fallout76Custom.ini file which can be found in /Documents/MyGames/Fallout76. Make sure to make a backup of the original file in case something goes wrong during the process. The full procedure has been detailed by Reddit user CrimsonBZD.

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Navigate to /Documents/My Games/Fallout 76

Make a copy of Fallout76prefs.ini, and rename it to Fallout76Custom.ini

Delete the entire contents of that file, so you just have an empty Fallout76Custom.ini file that you can edit in notepad.

Any changes made in this file will over rule any other .ini in that folder, and the launcher/updates shouldn't mess with it.

Here are my changes:


bFull Screen=1



(Not honestly sure why I have two or which one is correct. These changes force true Fullscreen mode, which should fix all frame hitches/issues so long as your hardware is sufficient to actually play the game.)







(These are HALF of what you need to turn off DOF effectively, and create a really clear game. These also go under the [Display] header. The minimum distance is 6 9's, every other value is 8 9's. Below is the second half.)









(That's the second half, they go under header [ImageSpace]. One of these entires also turns off lense flare, because your eyeballs aren't cameras.)

I also use:



(In my experience, this entry has made my auto save interval much quicker. When I logged in with teamviewer today, I was basically standing right outside the place where I was when the beta closed. Previously I could have been up to 10 minutes gameplay back it seems, the default value is 10.0000)

To adjust Field of View, add these two lines under [Display]



Replace with whatever value you want, I've seen people put it up to a whopping 110 with no apparent issues, however be warned as the devs say adjusting the field of view can cause animation or clipping issues.

Also, I am definitely not the person who found any of these, I just copy/pasted my comment to someone else asking how to do it, and figured I might as well share it. If you're the person who discovered these fixes, please let me know and I'll edit in credit for you.




you can also add


The game uses TAA or Temporal Anti-Aliasing by default for some reason, it's a setting Bethesda uses in their Virtual Reality games. This should change it to FXAA or Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing.

I haven't tried SMAA, if anyone wants to give that a go and let me know if it works that'd be great, I'm still at work for a few hours. :\

Edit 2:

credit /u/Caviac, to normalize vertical sensitivity, add these lines to Fallout76Custom.ini


fMouseHeadingXScale = .021

fMouseHeadingYScale = X

Where X is any of these values, based on your Aspect Ratio

.03738 for 16:9

.042 for 21:9

.028 for 4:3

.0336 for 16:10

edit 3 and 4:

credit /u/derhermann

To disable Mouse Acceleration, use:



To disable Grass use:




Fallout 76 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.