Fallout 76 BETA Framerate Now Appears Capped at 63FPS and FOV Seemingly Locked Following Recent Update

Fallout 76 beta fps fov lock

Following the recent update, it appears that the Fallout 76 BETA framerate has now been capped at roughly 63FPS, while the FOV has seemingly been locked.

The recent B.E.T.A. update was a big one, and while many PC players hoped that the update would address framerate and refresh rate issues, Bethesda has instead chosen to enforce a hard framerate cap of roughly 6FPS and adjusting the FOV is no longer possible.

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Website PCGamer writes, “as for the framerate cap, it appears to be fully enforced and hard-coded into the engine. Previously, Fallout 76 would run at your display's desktop refresh rate, up to 75Hz, or half the refresh rate on high-end gaming displays (eg, 72fps on a 144Hz display). Now, the maximum in-game framerate is 63fps as far as I can tell, slightly higher than 60 in order to reduce microstuttering. That applies to 75Hz and 144Hz displays as well, though if you run at a lower rate like 98Hz you'll end up at 48fps if you set iPresentInterval=1.”

Last week we covered the lack of an FOV slider in the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A and the fact that there’s no support for Ultra Wide displays.

Fallout 76 is scheduled for a release next week on November 14 for PC and consoles.

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