Unofficial Sonic Frontiers PC Fix Uncaps Framerate

Aernout van de Velde
Unofficial Sonic Frontiers PC Fix Uncaps Framerate

An unofficial Sonic Frontiers PC fix uncaps the game’s framerate, to the delight of many PC players.

A lot of fans are excited about the latest Sonic entry, but especially PC players have expressed to be unhappy with the game’s capped framerate, which also applies to the console versions of the game. On PC, the game renders in a dynamic resolution up to 4K at 6FPS, whereas there are two display modes available on the next-gen consoles. Interestingly, on Xbox Series S, the game appears to run at 30FPS by default.

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Luckily for those on PC, there appears to be a workaround to uncap the framerate by using Cheat Engine. Here’s what user ‘KingKrouch’ wrote on Steam about his ‘fix’:


Here's what I managed to get for a framerate uncap for Sonic Frontiers. It's normally capped at 60FPS, but my 6900XT has no issues going above 144FPS at 2560x1440 and maxed settings. You'll need Cheat Engine installed to use this.

Some notes regarding gameplay and cutscene quirks:

Note that cutscene animations (the non-FMV ones) still have animations that update at 30FPS, but particle effects and such animate fine, I (or someone else) may have to investigate this.

There is also some problems with Sonic's velocity not launching far enough in the 4-3 subspace level, which makes it unpassable unless you temporarily cap the framerate to 60 at the start of the level.

Using the light dash may cause Sonic to get stuck or for his movement to visibly lag in some scenarios.

Those interested can download the newly-released Cheat Engine table via the Steam post here.

Interesting for sure. Have you tried out this ‘fix’ just yet? Did it work for you? Hit the comments down below.


Sonic Frontiers is available globally now for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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