Fallout 4 vs Fallout 3 Early Screenshot and Video Comparison Shows How Graphics Have Evolved


After years of speculations, rumors, online petitions, teases and what not, Bethesda finally took the internet by storm last week by announcing the next installment in its most promising open world action role-playing video game series with a reveal trailer. The debut gameplay trailer for Fallout 4, however, failed to impress a considerable amount of fans with its graphics and in-game animation, and while many believe that the game only looked as good as an upscaled version of its predecessor in the reveal trailer, this early Fallout 4 vs Fallout 3 graphics comparison shows how the two games differ graphically.

Screenshot Comparison Between Fallout 4 and Fallout 3 Shows How the Upcoming Game

One of the several good things that Fallout offers as an open world video game series are the graphics that have evolved over the years. From the beginning of the series to its far-reaching in-game worlds, first and third-person views that allow players to completely immerse themselves in the vast world of Fallout 3, the series offers improved graphics and visuals with every iteration. Fallout 4 will undoubtedly take things further ahead in the right direction. However, the game’s debut trailer couldn’t induce a large number of audience to hold onto that belief.

Since the reveal of Fallout 4, many fans have found themselves pretty underwhelmed by the reveal trailer of the game, and have complained about the graphics and animations showcased in the trailer. Of course, this seems to be a direct opposite to video game trailers released during past few years, take games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Watch Dogs for instance, whose graphical fidelity showcased in trailers is far superior than the retail product.

Many who had their hopes crumbled took it to social media websites and online forums to explain how the upcoming game looked like a glorified last-gen title in its reveal trailer. A considerable number of fans also expressed their discontent by saying that Fallout 4 looks only about as good as an upscaled version of Fallout 3. However, you might find it hard to agree with those assessments once you check out this early video and screenshot comparison between the graphics of Fallout 4 and Fallout 3, courtesy of Candyland. Without further ado, below it is. Note that this is just an early comparison, with scenes not matching at all. Better comparisons will be possible once Bethesda reveals more in-game content from the upcoming game.