Fallout 4: Dreams Edition Looks Unbelievably Great – Almost Dreamlike!

Dreams is a game that, no matter how much I saw it in the past, I couldn't get my head around the promises around Dreams. Promises that the game could be used to essentially make full-fledged games. The more I see from creations made by other people, the more I've been converted. If anything could convert you to believing the hype of Dreams, the Fallout 4 Dreams version would be it.

I could talk at length about why this version of Fallout 4, made in dreams, is amazing. Since I can, l will. Not only has a team re-made the assets from the game using the in-game creation tools, but they have also made certain aspects of the game itself and it all looks brilliant. From the opening menu, looking over the power armour, to their own pipboy, mirelurks, sentry bots and even more, this is a fantastic testament as to what can be made in Dreams. It's not the whole game, of course, that would be absurd, but it's undeniably impressive.

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Don't believe me? I wouldn't either, watch the video from Dreams have Meanings down below:

Of course, there are always issues with copyright. Full versions of smaller games could no doubt be made in Dreams and there will be protections for those games. Let's not focus on the bad though, let's just keep it simple by saying that the creators of this playable Fallout 4 in Dreams are so talented, it's unbelievable. Bethesda, hire them - they're already making something better than Fallout 76.

You can find Fallout 4: Dreams Edition here. If you have the game, it's also worth browsing through for what looks like a massive host of other creations that seem like they could be great to play. I'm eyeing up Crash Bandicoot at the moment.

Source: ResetEra

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