Apple TV 2015 Is Loaded With Really Impressive Hardware – Check Out All The Details Here


Apple announced its new Apple TV 2015, showcasing different number of features on the software side of things. However, the only other hardware details we got to know about the device was that it features an A8 SoC; the chipset present in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now, we have uncovered the remaining specifications of the product, and they are impressive to say the least.

Apple TV 2015 Features The Company’s A8 SoC, Along With 2GB Of RAM – More Details Available

Without jumping in to too many unnecessary details, Apple TV 2015 has 2GB of RAM that supplements the dual-core processor running inside A8. In addition, the product will be available to purchase in two storage variants, whose details we will get to later on. Right now, let us identify the connectivity features of Apple TV.

Starting off, Apple has incorporated an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adapter, along with an Ethernet port that has a maximum download speed of 100Mbps. Just like the tech giant’s 12 inch MacBook, Apple TV 2015 also features a Type-C USB port, along with an HDMI port that can effortlessly playback videos on a resolution of 1080p. Perhaps the biggest selling of the miniature device is its 2GB RAM count, which will deliver improved video caching as well as overall better performance in taxing gaming applications.

Additional information that needs to be pointed out here is that the new Apple TV has an internal identifier of 5,3. The last public Apple TV was 3,2, which indicates that a few internal revisions had taken place before the company finally decided to settle with this iteration. However, the one disappointing aspect of the product is that it does not feature an optical audio port.

Audio is instead sent over the HDMI cable but if you religiously relied on the optical audio jack, there are other ways around it, such as purchasing a splitter box that converts HDMI into HDMI and optical output. As for the pricing details, they have been detailed below:

  • 32GB - $149
  • 64GB - $199

Apple TV 2015 is going to ship out during the month of October.