Facebook Media Services Are Down And Users Continue To Suffer Across The World – You Aren’t Alone

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It seems that all Facebook services are down at the moment, especially Facebook and Instagram. It isn't a complete disaster as it seems that only certain features have been affected. According to reports, users can load pages but certain photos and posts cannot be loaded. Whatsapp is facing similar issues; users can send and receive texts but cannot download any photos.

Facebook Down Again - 3rd Crash This Year

According to the tracking website, downdetector; issues are being observed across the world. It seems that the users in Europe, US, South America and Japan are heavily affected. The interesting thing is that the Facebook's 'Platform status' doesn't seem to be aware if this problem at all. The site is dedicated to reflecting any issues with the applications, however, the status shows that applications as 'Healthy'.

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The last time when all the Facebook applications suffered problems, users had to wait hours for the issues to be resolved.

We are waiting to see how long will this issue last. Stay tuned for more updates.


The social media giant has finally resolved the issue that had caused millions of users to suffer across the globe. The company said that the issue had been caused due to an  error in their routine maintenance operations. The company has posted on its various media platforms' twitter accounts, that the issue has been more or less resolved.

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Facebook Media Services Are Down And Users Continue To Suffer Across The World – You Aren’t Alone

The problem in the various platforms started at around 8AM ET. This is the third crash that this platform has experienced this year. It is understandable that applications like these will sometimes suffer but these outages have increased a lot over the past couple of years. Whenever a popular social media platform suffers like this, a lot of activity is halted. These platforms nowadays are not only used for communication purposes but have become a vital platform for conducting various business activities as well. An outage of even an hour can result in a lot of financial losses for a lot of individuals and creates a lot of panic worldwide.

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