Facebook’s Family of Apps Down for Many Users – Company Takes to Twitter for Updates

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram are partially down for many users. You can still open the apps, but messages aren't going through for several users around the world. While there isn't enough information available at the moment, people are coming up with a lot of possible stories, including a DDoS attack.

Facebook has acknowledged that its family of apps is going through troubles and promises to resolve the issue ASAP.

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In another tweet, the company added that it can confirm that the issue is NOT related to a DDoS attack. "We're focused on working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but can confirm that the issue is not related to a DDoS attack," the social media giant wrote.


While desktop versions aren't even loading for many users, apps do load the content, but you can't post new status updates or send / receive messages. Instagram stories and direct messages are also affected, along with WhatsApp messages for certain regions. We can confirm that Facebook's Workplace and Work Chat apps are also affected by this outage.

DownDetector status suggests that the outage affects the United States, parts of Latin America, the UK, Europe, and some parts of India, Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

[Update - 4:19PM ET]: Oculus is also affected

It appears Oculus is also affected as some users have reported (via Verge) the feature for authenticating logins through Facebook is down.

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[Update - 9:08PM ET]: The outage persists

The outage has now started to affect other services like Tinder and Spotify that use Facebook for login. Users already signed into these apps aren't facing any issues, but if you sign out and try to log back in using Facebook, it might not work.

This is probably the longest that Facebook and its associated social networking platforms have been partially out of service for many users around the world. Over 10 hours have passed since the initial reports and the desktop versions still remain down, whereas apps continue to face hiccups every now and then.

The issue has been mostly resolved now, but Facebook hasn't posted any further updates or explanation. 

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