EVGA Replaces RTX 3090 GPUs Bricked During Amazon’s New World Beta Period, Game Exposes Design Flaws on Various Cards


As you remember from an article from two days ago, Igor Wallossek from Igor's Lab pointed to a design flaw in EVGA's RTX 3090 card that was causing the GPU to be pushed extensively while playing Amazon's New World game, and essentially bricking the card.

EVGA Has Started Replacing RTX 3090 GPUs Bricked During Amazon's New World Beta Period

Yesterday, Tom's Hardware quoted YouTuber JayzTwoCents, where he attempted to recreate the same situation after Amazon released a patch for the game which backed off on the frames per second that were stressing the chip on EVGA's GPU. What is interesting is that JayzTwoCents took to Twitter as well and posted a list of graphics cards that he found to become bricked while playing the game.

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In watching the video, around the twelve-minute mark, JayzTwoCents discusses a conversation he had with a representative for EVGA. When asked what EVGA was doing about the current situation that has arisen, the representative stated that they are already sending out new EVGA GPU replacements to those individuals that already submitted an RMA.

During this explanation, he is attempting to recreate the problem with his EVGA RTX 3090 card while playing the game. The wattage being used was above average, but he could not recreate the bricking even through forcing the card to surge well above the wattage limit (he states that normal levels are around 360 watts where he was pushing it to above 500 watts).

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Jay and others point out the level of customer service that EVGA is taking, especially while there is more speculation than factual evidence surrounding the Amazon New World game and select GPU models. With this writer's history in sales and customer service, even I admit that EVGA is actually excelling in this situation by replacing RTX 3090 GPUs as quickly as possible. As a consumer, it speaks volumes to have that level of support from a manufacturer that is accepting some responsibility during this event that is still full of speculation from several parties.

It is wise to take care while playing the beta of New World to not stress your GPU since no other manufacturers have made statements about replacing bricked units and until a proper patch from Amazon has been released.

Source: Tom's Hardware, JayzTwoCents, Igor's Lab