EVGA Introduces the BP Bronze Series Power Supplies

Source: EVGA

EVGA announces the BP Bronze Series of Power supplies offering four different models with a ranging power output from 460 watts up to 710 watts. These power supplies feature 80 PLUS Bronze certified, offering an 85% efficiency or higher during typical loads. These power supplies are currently available through EVGA's websites with a price ranging from $84.99 to $54.99.

The BP Bronze Series of power supplies offers four different models with a power output ranging from 460 watts to 710 watts.

These power supplies all have similar features offering a Hard-Lined design, 80 PLUS bronze efficiency, and utilize the Hydraulic bearing fan. The hard-lined design makes these power supplies non-modular, which can increase the cord clutter inside of your PC. This design also ensures that the case's installation is easy and ready to start right out of the box.

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460 BP
510 BP
610 BP
710 BP

The BP Bronze Series power supplies feature 80 PLUS efficiency, ensuring your power supply, under typical load, has an 85% efficiency or higher. This certification ensures that the power supply isn't turning a large amount of electricity into heat and instead uses that electricity.

The BP Bronze Series, power supplies design, features a fairly standard design, having no RGB lighting but keeps the black color the same throughout the chassis. These power supplies' chassis is slightly shorter than the standard ATX form factor, as these power supplies feature a length of just 120 mm.

All of these power supplies utilize the Hydraulic Bearing Fan, which reduces the noise created by the power supply. This fan also offers a longer-lasting life than a sleeve bearing fan; having a power supply fan that stays quiet and lasts for a longer time is incredibly important.

The BP power supply series are currently available on EVGA's website, with the EVGA 710 BP being the most expensive, having a price tag of $84.99. The EVGA 610 BP features a price tag of $74.99, while the EVGA 510 BP has a price of $64.99 while the least expensive is the EVGA 460 BP having a price of $54.99. Each of these power supplies is limited to two per household on EVGA's website.

These power supplies feature a three-year warranty to ensure any buyers that these power supplies can operate for a long time without breaking down.

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