Genesis Announces The HOLM 510 RGB Gaming Desk

Evan Federowicz
Holm 510 RGB
Source: Genesis

Genesis has announced the HOLM 510 RGB gaming desk featuring an incredibly unique style and robust construction. This gaming desk offers a large tabletop and a Built-in USB hub, a Built-in wireless charger, and even speaker shelves on either side of the main tabletop. The Genesis HOLM 510 RGB gaming desk is expected to be in stores before the Holidays with a suggested retail price of $319.

The HOLM 510 RGB is a large gaming desk featuring speaker shelves, RGB lighting, a wireless charger, and even a built-in USB hub

The construction of this gaming desk offers a wide tabletop, and the tabletop is 160 cm long and 75 cm wide, which allows for an incredibly large useable area. This large useable area allows users to easily place on all accessories without hindering any mouse or keyboard placements or movements. This tabletop features an aesthetic carbon finish that can easily fit into nearly any gaming setup.

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Source: Genesis

The HOLM 510 RGB gaming desk has a wide array of features that gamers will find fantastic, including speaker shelves, RGB lighting, and even a built-in wireless charger. While a fantastic addition to nearly any gaming desk, the speaker shelves are removable thanks to the main tabletop's clamp connection. The RGB lighting is located on the rear of the tabletop to shine and provide fantastic lighting behind a monitor. This desk also features an easier way to ensure easy cable management, thanks to the metal shelf near the back of the desk, designed to hold a power strip and any cords needed.

Source: Genesis

Near the left speaker shelf, a built-in USB hub provides three USB 3.0 ports, and near the right speaker shelf is a built-in wireless charger. The Wireless charger can easily charge any supported phones without the need to connect any cords. Another fantastic feature that comes with the HOLM 510 RGB gaming desk is the multiple holders, including a Cup holder and a headset holder, on the right side and left side of the desk, providing an easier way to store this common gaming equipment.

Source: Genesis

The Genesis HOLM 510 RGB gaming desk is stated to be available in stores before the Holidays and has a suggested retail price of $319.

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