Essential Phone Becomes a More Value Proposition Smartphone With the Latest Price Cut

Essential Phone Becomes a More Value Proposition Smartphone With the Latest Price Cut

The Essential Phone was launched last year for a whopping $699 price tag and featured everything that you wanted in a premium crafted smartphone. Unfortunately, the price was in a higher bracket, taking away the ‘value’ element from the handset. However, from 2018, you will continue to see price cuts of previous-generation flagships and the Essential Phone is not going to be an exception as it is more valuable than before.

Essential Phone Now Gets a Price Cut to $434 - Becoming One of the Cheapest Premium Handsets on the Market

We should expect Snapdragon 845-powered smartphones later in the year, but that does not mean that devices sporting a Snapdragon 835 are not terrible in any way. It is just that the Snapdragon 845 will be able to deliver more performance and potentially better battery life, even though it is made on the same lithography as its predecessor.

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Some consumers will require the best of the best, while others are just looking for a great value, so today, Essential Phone provides an offer to consumers that is rich with value as the smartphone carries a price of just $434. This gets you a near bezel-less form factor with 128GB of internal storage and a Snapdragon 835 SoC.

It is also one of the few phones to sport that notch, but in the end, you’re getting more screen real estate than ever before and there is a dual-camera system present at the back that is sitting flush with the ceramic and titanium construction of the smartphone. The Essential Phone is also unlocked, meaning that it is going to be working with all major U.S. carries, including those that use CDMA like Sprint and Verizon.

There will be very few complaints to find from a device that features a great price such as this, so we ask you, is your next smartphone purchase going to be the Essential Phone? Tell us down in the comments.

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