Oppo’s Bezelless Smartphone Leaks In Its Entirety Showing Great Design

With smartphone designs evolving towards simplicity as we progress, the bezel remains a hurdle that's a pain in the side of many manufacturers and users alike. Not only are users clamoring for larger screens, but the demand for greater screen area to interact with is also becoming the norm. One manufacturer in particular is looking to cash as much as it can on this trend. We've been hearing about Oppo's bezelless smartphone for quite a while now, and now the device has leaked in its entirety for you to enjoy.

Oppo's Bezelless Smartphone Leaks In Entirety Showing Good Looking Interface

Rather than choosing to focus on performance, Oppo's chosen to refine the design on its upcoming smartphone. Given that performance specifications aren't really the forerunner for attention when it comes to companies in Oppo's range, the manufacturer can look to gain some serious attention courtesy of its unique design for the device. If you took a look at the video above, you might have been able to figure out amidst all the Chinese as to what makes the device tick.

The bezelless appearance for the smartphone is courtesy of Oppo's technology that bends light emanating from the edges of the smartphone. Thus, when you look at the smartphone, you get the appearance of no bezels present, as is evident in the video above. Oppo's not the only one with a bezelless design however, with ZTE's Nubia Z9 also claiming to boast a similar design in promotional videos. We'll find out more once these devices become available in the market, but bezelless designs are a good move towards the future indeed. Given that these are able to gather mass market acceptance, we'd be seeing some great looking device indeed. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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