Epic Games Holiday Sale Includes 12 Free Games, Deals on Borderlands 3, Control, and More

Epic Games Store

The annual Steam Winter Sale is currently in full swing, but this year Valve is facing some serious competition from the Epic Games Store, which is holding easily its biggest sale to date. The Epic Games Holiday Sale is offering discounts on a wide variety of titles, including Epic Games Store exclusives like Borderlands 3, Control, The Outer Worlds, and The Division 2.

You can check out a quick selection of intriguing Winter Sale deals below. Or you can browse the full list of games on sale, right here.

In addition to the regular discounts, Epic has a couple interesting promotions going on as part of the Holiday Sale – they’re giving everybody a $10 coupon, which can be spent on any game of $15 or more. If you spend that coupon (And why they heck wouldn’t you?) you get a second $10 coupon. Sadly, you can’t keep spending coupons and getting more into infinity. Two is all you get I believe. Once claimed, the coupons are good until May 1, 2020.

Epic will also be offering one free game every day for the next 12 days. The first of these free games is the excellent turn-based strategy game Into the Breach, so Epic isn’t holding back when it come to quality. There’s no catch or requirements for claiming these free games – I just grabbed Into the Breach no fuss, no muss! Make sure to keep checking back over the holidays for the other 11 free games.

I think even Epic detractors would have to admit they’re taking it to Valve with this sale. Steam is still has the edge when it comes to sheer volume of discounts, but Epic’s special promotions are definitely better. See any deals you just can’t pass up? Will you finally be installing the Epic launcher in order to get those 12 free games?

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