How to Enable Right Click on a Mac Running macOS

Uzair Ghani
Right Click

Want to enable right click on your Mac, same as that on a Windows PC? Here's how you can do it in a few easy steps.

Enable Right Click (Secondary Click) on Mac to Access Context Menus & Other Settings Quickly

If you have been using a Windows PC for a long, long time, you'll realize there's no right click feature on the Mac out of the box. For someone who is used to such a luxury, this change will raise an eyebrow or two for the first few minutes. But thankfully, Apple allows anyone to enable the secondary click feature on a Mac by going through a few settings. Whether you're using a trackpad or a Magic Mouse, you can enable right click on the fly. Here's how it is done.

Tutorial to Enable Right Click on Mac

1. Launch System Preferences. Either do it from the Dock or by clicking on the 'Apple' logo in menu bar at top left hand corner then click System Preferences.

2. Depending on what you are using with your Mac, click on either Mouse or Trackpad.

3. Under the Point & Click tab, you'll see a bunch of options. Just enable the Secondary Click option. You can also select where do you want to tap or click using your trackpad or mouse to invoke a secondary click action. Make the relevant changes and close the window.

From here on in you can simply 'right click' by either clicking on the right hand side of Magic Mouse, or by pressing on the trackpad using two fingers. In fact, you even have the option to set the bottom right or left corner for invoking a secondary click action. This option is great for both Magic Mouse or trackpad users if they are left handed.

Wrap Up

Having the option to right click on the fly is handy in a lot of ways. It grants you quick access to important and key functions such as copying a document, string of text, compressing files and whatnot. Furthermore, if you are switching from a Windows PC, having the feature being served to you instantly is an epic win too. A basic secondary click is something everyone is acquainted with and makes certain actions very obvious.

It's surprising Apple has gone down the route to keep the option disabled when you take a Mac out of the box. Nonetheless, enabling it is easy, as you have seen from the tutorial above.

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