Emily Rogers Nintendo NX Interview With YouTube Personality “SuperMetalDave64”

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Nintendo insider “Emily Rogers” sprouted quite a few Nintendo NX rumors since last year, and many of those rumors were challenged by Nintendo YouTuber “SuperMetalDave64”. Rogers decided to interview the YouTube personality and discuss the NX.

While Rogers believes that the Nintendo NX will be using a NVIDIA based chip, SuperMetalDave believes that AMD is involved with a Semi Custom Design based on the x86 architecture. Both seem to agree that Nintendo’s console will feature a 720p screen. Read the complete interview below.

Emily Rogers: Do you believe Nvidia is involved with NX? On May 13th, I reported that NX will NOT use x86 architecture, and I said Nvidia was involved.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

SuperMetalDave64: Yeah, it appears to me that Nvidia is not involved at all. I believe that the NX is multiple devices with Home Console powered by an AMD Semi Custom design win that is based on x86 architecture for extremely easy ports from the current line of consoles and PC. The NX handheld, I believe, will use a custom DMP chip made specifically to be compatible with the NX home console.

Emily Rogers: On August 26th, I reported that the Nintendo NX prototype had a multi-touch screen, and the screen had a 720p resolution.  What are your thoughts?

SuperMetalDave64:  Yeah, I believe that 720p might actually be more cost-effective than a custom designed 540p screen. Multi touch is also very inexpensive. So I do think it will be 720p and multi touch when it’s released.

Emily Rogers: Do you believe the rumors that NX will use cartridges?

SuperMetalDave64:  I believe it will be cartridge-based. However, Nintendo did patent a device that had a disc drive that could be used as an optional attachment to the NX. So, while I do believe NX will mainly use carts, I don’t want to rule out discs completely yet.

Emily Rogers: On May 13th, I said NX was struggling to even reach Xbox One levels of power.  How powerful do you believe NX will be?

SuperMetalDave64: Realistically, I think [NX] will be above PS4 but below PS4 Pro. Not bleeding edge but decent.

Emily Rogers: Why do you believe Nvidia is not involved?

SuperMetalDave64:  Nvidia’s market share for Tegra use in mobile devices has only been decreasing since 2015 due to the high TDP of the chip causing inefficiency in battery life, leading mobile device providers to start using other vendors and chips for their devices, like Snapdragon, for example.

In regards to the Eurogamer rumored device using the Tegra X1, I find it extremely unlikely due to the fact that the device itself seems to be a copy of a failed product that hasn’t been picked up by any major vendors, making it easy to question the chipset being used as fake as well. You may recall Eurogamer was also puzzled by the use of Tegra X1.

When combined with the fact that no information from Nvidia points to any chips that would be custom designed for a new mobile device, and the rumored information is in direct contrast with Nintendo’s own statements, my choice for AMD is extremely easy to make.

Emily Rogers: Why do you believe Nintendo NX’s GPU is from AMD?

SuperMetalDave64:  Nintendo has been quoted in saying that they are moving towards architecture integration with multiple devices. AMD has been pioneering heterogeneous design for their SOC’s for the last few years, allowing for different architectures to be used similarly to together on the same chip. AMD has also been the leading provider of all Semi Custom designs for current generation consoles, including the Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and the upcoming Xbox Scorpio.

Of the multiple design “wins” announced, AMD has has confirmed 2/3 with only one remaining which they are not able to discuss at this time, but will in the not too distant future. My strong opinion is that this SOC win will be for the Nintendo NX. When comparing the pioneering of SOC chip design for consoles for AMD vs Nvidia, the choice for myself is clearly AMD.

Nvidia has no hints at gaming console development for the Tegra SOC. In fact, information simply points to Nvidia using Tegra SOC’s for their Self Driving Car initiative and will likely be extremely successful in that industry better using the Tegra technology rather than with mobile devices.

Emily Rogers: Do you believe the rumors about NX having detachable controllers with motion controls?

SuperMetalDave64:  While I believe that the NX controller could have some cool rumble features incorporated — as some patents have shown — I don’t believe the rest of the rumors regarding the device.

Nintendo said that the NX is a “brand new concept”. The concept rumored [on the internet] has been done before by multiple companies with the Morphus X300. The Morphus X300 looks almost identical and has had no consumer interest despite you being able to purchase one right now. I think the NX might have some kind of mobile component or Smartphone integration, but definitely not what the Eurogamer/LPVG rumors have reported.

While the entire interview is based on rumors and speculation, it's quite an interesting read. What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s upcoming new platform? Hit the comments below.

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