EKWB EK-Quantum Vector Waterblocks For GeForce RTX 3090 & RTX 3080 Reference PCB Launched

EKWB has announced the launch of four new water blocks for NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 3090 & RTX 3080 reference designs in its EK-Quantum Vector RTX lineup. The new water blocks come in RGB and Copper flavors with Acetal and Plexi finishes.

EKWB Launches The EK-Quantum RTX Series Water Blocks For GeForce RTX 3090 & GeForce RTX 3080 Reference Designs

All four water blocks that EKWB is launching today will be compatible with the reference PCB for the GeForce RTX 3090 and GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards. Just to be sure, the PCB that comes with the Founders Edition graphics card is not a reference design and is actually a custom design by NVIDIA themselves. You can use the EK Cooling Configurator to make sure that your graphics card is compatible with the EK-Quantum Vector series water blocks.

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Moving to the design of the blocks, the EKWB EK-Quantum Vector RTX series water blocks come in either Plex or Acetal plates. Each variant is available in either copper or RGB flavors. According to EKWB, the EK-Quantum Vector water block directly cools the GPU, VRAM and the VRM with liquid cooling solution channeled over these critical areas as efficiently as possible.


The EK-Quantum Vector water blocks make use of an open split-flow cooling design that offers low hydraulic flow restriction allowing it to operate efficiently even with weaker pumps or pumps that operate at low-speed settings. The internal plate features a jet design and fin structure geometry that has been optimized to provide even flow distribution with minimal losses while delivering optimal performance.

EKWB EK-Quantum Vector (Acetal) GeForce RTX 3090/GeForce RTX 3080 Water blocks:


EKWB EK-Quantum Vector (Plexi) GeForce RTX 3090/GeForce RTX 3080 Water blocks:


EKWB EK-Quantum Vector GeForce RTX 3090 GeForce RTX 3080 Waterblocks:

The base of the block is CNC machined out of either nickel or high-grade electrolytic copper while the top is CNC machined out of glass-like cast Arcylic or durable black POM acetal. High-quality EPDM O-Rings provide ensure watertight sealing and the brass standoffs are pre-installed for a safe and easy installation. The D-RGB Lighting models come with a front aesthetic corner piece that is lit up with an addressable RGB LED strip. It is compatible with the most popular RGB tech from all motherboard makers.

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Backplate for the 3080/3090 water block

EK® recommends the purchase of a retention backplate which improves the aesthetics of your graphics cards, but also provides additional passive cooling to the GPU core and backside of the printed circuit board VRM section.


- EK-Quantum Vector RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB series high-performance water block
- Mounting mechanism with screw-in brass standoffs
- Necessary mounting screws, nuts, and washers
- 2x Nickel plated brass plug G1/4”
- EK-Loop Multi Allen Key (6mm, 8mm, 9mm)
- Thermal pads
Thermal grease EK-TIM Ectotherm (1g)

via EKWB


  • This block is made for reference PCB 3080 and 3090 cards. Founders Edition does NOT have a reference PCB.
  • Due to an immense variety of fittings/barbs available on the market and no prescribed standards, we guarantee compatibility only for connectors bought from our website.
  • Factory backplates are not compatible with this water block!
  • Check your toolbox if you are missing this special Hex adapter for some of the screws.
  • This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum Fluid Gaming parts!

All models come with a 2-year limited warranty and available for purchase now. As for pricing, they are listed below:

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