EIZO Announces The FlexScan EV2760 Monitor

Evan Federowicz
Source: EIZO

EIZO has announced the release of the FlexScan EV2760, and this monitor has some fantastic features like the 27-inch size, WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, and the frameless design. This frameless design is specifically for business environments such as trading rooms, back offices, and control rooms. This design contributes to higher efficiency and an overall smaller eco-footprint for sustainable development.

The FlexScan EV2760 Monitor offers a high resolution of WQHD while providing a fair amount of IO ports.

This monitor uses a 27-inch LCD panel which offers a resolution of 2560 x 1440 natively, and it implements LED-backlit IPS panel technology with up to 178° wide viewing angles. This contrast ratio of this monitor is 1000:1, while the typical brightness is 350 cd/m². This monitor has three displays, two DisplayPort, One HDMI and one DVI-D port. This monitor can make use of the Picture-By-Picture function to allow content from two computers can be displayed simultaneously. This feature can radically increase work efficiency and helps share ideas quickly in a small meeting. This monitor is equipped with four USB 3.1 Type-A ports. This is perfect for plugging in various peripherals, like a mouse, keyboard or headset.

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Picture-by-Picture feature
Source: EIZO

This monitor has a new ergonomic stand with 169 mm height adjustment which enables users to easily place a laptop under the monitor, making for dual monitor setup. This monitor stand also has a wide tilt adjustment from 5° down to 35° up,  344° swivel and 90° clockwise and counter-clockwise pivots.

EIZO has developed the monitor without flame retardent in a plastic body to improve recyclability, and this is in part of EIZO's efforts to maintain environmentally responsible manufacturing. In this effort, EIZO also uses recyclable packing material for the boxes the monitors are shipped in. It is also certified by worldwide comprehensive sustainability certifications such as TCO Certified Generation 8, EPEAT, and ENERGY STAR.

Source: EIZO

EIZO also incorporates its EcoView technologies to cut down on power consumption without any additional effort from users. This technology reduces the typical power consumption to as little as 16 watts, and this is up to 50% less compared to display at maximum brightness. Some additional features include Eye care functions including flicker-free display and dimming range from 1 cd/m2 and optional stand bracket (PCSK-03) for attaching a small PC on the back of this monitor. This monitor also comes with a five-year warranty and six-month no bright pixel guarantee.

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