EA starts Origin removes Crysis 2 from steam store

Jun 15, 2011

EA better known for games like Battlefield, Dead Space and recently Alice: Madness Returns has started its own online retail much like Steam, before EA would use steam as a means to distribute their games such as Crysis 2 and Bad Company 2 but now EA has had a change of heart. They have started this service by making Alice: Madness Returns exclusively available on Origin instead of steam. What’s Origin you ask? it’s EA’s way of competing against steam, and they have shown initiative by removing Crysis 2 from the steam store already! Another thing Origins is offering which Steam isn’t is the pre-order of games which are months or even a year away from release, you can pre-order Mass Effect 3 digitally, Need for Speed: On the run and EVEN Battlefield 3: Limited Edition

Now that EA has ended it’s partnership with steam does this mean that steam can expect to never see another EA game in their store ever again? And will people have to install steam AND Origin to enjoy their games now? What really sets Origin apart from steam is the Mobile section of the site which lets you play games on your iPhone / iPod Touch, so far no support for iPad or Android devices has been announced yet but gaming on the an iPhone / iPod Touch is good enough no? Origins allows you to use your current Origin account to sign in saving you the trouble of making a mobile account, and you can also play mobile games with your friends if they have the same games as you on the mobile device. Now THAT is a neat feature currently it looks like Steam doesn’t have to be afraid of competition at the moment because the only games available on Origin are EA games and I don’t think EA is planning on becoming the next steam anytime soon.