These Dying Light 2 PC Mods Improve Visual Quality and Provide More FOV Options


Following the game’s global launch earlier this month, more new Dying Light 2 PC mods have been released, including two that aim to improve the game’s visual quality and add more FOV options.

Earlier this week we already covered one of the first mods for the PC version of the game – a weather mod that increases the chances of foggy and overcast weather.

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The first mod that we wanted to share is an experimental mod created by modder ‘Razed’. His ‘Dying Light 2 Enhanced Mod' aims to improve the game’s overall visual quality by improving shadows, adding more distant fog, adjusting the weather cycle, and increasing level of detail and draw distance for trees, shadows, and various other objects.

“There are a lot of core issues with the vanilla game that I hope Techland will aim to fix and improve in future patches”, the modder writes. “One big issue that I have noticed is that zombie meshes stop rendering properly after a certain distance. That's why you see teal-colored zombies really far away on the map. I have not found a way to fix this yet. Flickering shadows and bad LODs are all major issues in the vanilla game as well.”

Down below you’ll find the main features of this ‘enhanced’ mod:

  • Adds more shadows casted by lights
  • Adds more distant fog to Clear and Cloudy weathers along with other weather tweaks
  • Adjusts the weather cycle so it rains more often at night time. Additionally the foggy, overcast and storm weathers will have a higher chance of occurring (Will unlock once you get to the second map)
  • Increases level of detail / draw distance for trees, shadows and other objects
  • Increases zombie / AI density around the map
  • Removes or reduces various post-processing filters such as lens flare, sky bloom, glows, streaks etc.
  • Slightly adjusts min. and max exposure values
  • Slightly adjusts contrast and saturation (No need for ReShade or NVIDIA Filters)
  • Removes excessive air particles such as falling leaves, newspapers, glowing fireflies etc. but keeps some effects as well
  • Attempts to unlock and use various graphical settings which may or may not work
  • Various miscellaneous tweaks

The other new mod for the game is the “Expanded FOV Options” mod from modder ‘ShockedHearts”. As the name suggests, this mod expands the game's default FOV options depending on player preference. It’s a fairly simple mod, but an interesting one nonetheless. This mod can be downloaded via Nexusmods here.

Dying Light 2 is available globally now for PC and consoles. The game’s first DLC, part 1 of the Authority Pack, was released some days ago.

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