DX12 Powered Fable Legends Gets New Screens, Windows 10 Beta Later This Month


Lionhead Studios chose a bold, new direction for its upcoming Fable game. Unlike the previous installments, Fable Legends will be a multiplayer oriented title where ideally four player heroes will band together against the player controlled villain; it will be also possible to play alone with and against AI, though.

The Windows 10 Closed Beta of Fable Legends Starts in August

Fable Legends also has many other features that make it rather unique. For instance, it's one of the very first games to support DirectX12, Microsoft's new API that should let you squeeze more performance out of your hardware thanks to its improvements. Moreover, it's going to be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10, with players able to play with each other and to retain progress if they want to use both platforms.

The game will also be Free-to-Play(F2P), meaning that you won't have to pay a dime to try it if you aren't totally committed at first. Lionhead has promised that the in-game cash shop will be mostly cosmetic, and all of the content in there can be unlocked by simply playing as well.

While Fable Legends has been in Closed Beta on Xbox One since late 2014, Windows 10 gamers will be happy to know that the first invitations will be going out later this month, as announced on the official forums. By the way, you can still sign up here!

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