Duke Nukem Forever shows how appealing he is to the ladies 15 years later

Yep Duke still has his charm with the ladies, one of the better parts of Duke Nukem was the interaction with strippers and other women you meet through out the game who go head over heels for Duke. It seems that despite being 15 years in the making Duke still has his charm with the ladies and this time he is using puns from songs such as Sexyback - Justin Timberlake and Whats New Pussycat - Tom Jones. While the game is offending feminist rights groups all over the world because of the capture the flag mode where instead of capturing a flag you are carrying a babe over your shoulder. Womens right's groups everywhere are getting offended by this game and are demanding game stores to not sell this game (Like that's going to happen).

The game is releasing on June 14th for 360 / PS3 and PC, with the game being delayed from May 7th to the new June date I just hope this is the last delay we will have to see of the game.

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