DualSense Haptics Is Kind of Game-Changing, Says FIFA 21 Dev; We’ll Add More to It Going Forward

Alessio Palumbo
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The DualSense controller turned out to be one of the most attractive innovations conceived by Sony for its PlayStation 5. Gamers and developers alike have praised it for its haptics capabilities as well as the adaptive triggers that can simulate the 'resistance' involved in pressing a gun's trigger or nocking a bow's string all the way back before shooting.

As part of the next-gen update launched earlier this month, even FIFA 21 implemented DualSense support. For example, shots taken with a player's left foot will be felt more on the left side of the PlayStation 5 controller, while tackles generate much stronger vibration compared to a regular shoulder-to-shoulder jostle. Also, when using triggers to sprint, you'll feel the increasing fatigue of players as the match goes on in the form of stronger resistance via the controller's triggers.

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In a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine (January 2021, issue 183), EA Sports Gameplay Producer Kantcho Doskov praised the controller's features and explained that the developers intend to add even more features to the DualSense implementation (though it isn't fully clear if he means for FIFA 21 or the next iterations of the football game).

Going forward, we’ll definitely want to continue to add features and make more use of the DualSense haptics because it’s kind of game-changing.

Beyond DualSense support on PS5, FIFA 21 also offers other improvements on both next-gen consoles over the PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC version as detailed by Doskov.

So let’s say a player takes the touch one way but changes his mind halfway through; we can transition out of that animation and make it look believable. That’s the beauty of the new tech [in FIFA 21 next-gen].

Were you impressed by the current implementation of DualSense haptics available in FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments section!

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