Drop It, Dip It, or Crack Nuts with It – Galaxy S6 Edge Still Gives Amazing Performance!

We shared with you a low quality smashing-on-the-ground test of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which the device survived. Here is another and clearly even more powerful Galaxy S6 Edge drop test where the device is thrown from shoulder height and still manages to survive the throw.

Another video has a user with a creative mind who tries to make the latest curved smartphone from Samsung a little more useful by cracking walnuts with the device's edge. Nothing happens to the Edge though so you can plan on doing that too - quite handy.

As we mentioned in the earlier Galaxy S6 Edge drop test post, Samsung has covered the device with Gorilla Glass 4 both from the front and the back. So this is essentially the strength of Glass we are counting on. It should also be pointed out here that Korean tech giant used plastic instead of glass for the flexible AMOLED display to be able to bend it on both the edges. It could be a better combination of both the glass and the plastic or the strength of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 alone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge water resistance test:

While we can see that Galaxy S6 Edge is possibly one of the most durable smartphones as it clearly survives hard throws, but what about the water resistance? Remember that Samsung lost the IP67 water resistance certification because it changed the design of the current gen Galaxy S6 duo. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is splash-resistant but cannot officially take longer dips.

BUT, seems like Samsung has packed a little more surprise in its Edge as a user submerged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in this S6 Edge water resistance for some 20 minutes and the device remained all okay and perfectly working. Perhaps there is no need to worry about dropping it on the hard surfaces or in the bath tub? Oh, and let's not forget that we can crack our nuts with this device too. Fun times ahead!

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