Droid Incredible is finally Rooted

The day has finally come when one of HTC's finest made handsets the Incredible has finally been rooted (root is basically what jailbreak is to the Apple iPhone i.e unlocking network and the ability to install 3rd party apps)

The Incredible Droid is currently for sale from Verizon and up until now rooting this thing was a remarkable challenge, you can expect a more user friendly patch followed with rooting instructions to follow up in the next few days for your convenience. The Droid Incredible would be a remarkable phone to use with the upcoming Android 2.2 update codenamed "Froyo". Now let's hope that someone releases a Froyo ROM for the Droid soon.

At least now the Droid is ready for some "unlocked" action, I can't wait to see what one can do with the combination of Froyo and the Incredible.


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