Driveclub vs Project CARS PlayStation 4 Screenshot Comparison: Both Games Look Stunning

This year Need for Speed is on vacation but that does not mean racing video games fans will not get new cars and tracks to race on. While users of other platforms will be getting Slightly Mad Studios' racing simulator video game Project CARS that is hitting PC and next-gen consoles in November, PlayStation 4 users will get a special racing treatment with Evolution Studios' Driveclub.

Driveclub vs Project CARS PlayStation 4 Screenshot Comparison: Which One is More Eye Catching?

Well now when it is clear that we will see no Need for Speed title this year, lets give attention to the upcoming racing video games that are reigning supreme over the gaming community. Across latest gaming platforms except PlayStation 4, Project CARS is currently the most hyped game but on PlayStation 4, Slightly Mad Studios' racing simulator faces stiff competition from Driveclub.

Developed by Evolution Studios exclusively for Sony's latest PlayStation 4 console, Driveclub is a socially connected racing video game title that will allow players to join different clubs and race according to their likings. On the other hand, Project CARS is a racing simulator video game that focuses more on real-time on-track racing. Both the games are classified as next-gen titles so their visual fidelity really matters to the player, that is why we have a Driveclub vs Project CARS screenshot comparison here.

Both Driveclub and Project CARS have their own in-game environments and settings but both the games feature similar in-game sports cars. Gamingbolt came up with an idea to compare screenshots of both the games on PlayStation 4 featuring similar cars. Of course this comparison cannot be used to distinguish between the games but at least we can see how beautiful both games look.

As this is just a fun Driveclub vs Project CARS  comparison, head-to-head screenshots are not necessary. Full extent of visual details will only be showcased in screenshots when both games are out and running side-by-side. Right now, we will just compare screenshots from both games featuring similar cars. Each screenshot is taken in different in-game environment so lightning and other elements vary with each scene.

Just to see which game is more eye catching and stunning, below is the Driveclub vs Project CARS screenshot comparison. In each pair, Driveclub screenshot is on top of the Project CARS screenshot.


DriveclubProject CARS

Audi R8 Coupe

Driveclub 1 Project CARS 1

BAC Mono

Driveclub 2 Project CARS 2

McLaren 12C

Driveclub 55Project CARS 3

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Driveclub 88 Project CARS ss

 Pagani Huayra

Driveclub 4 Project CARS 4

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