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Dragon Age and Mass Effect Will Skip EA Play Live, Star Wars TOR Getting a Sith Expansion


Aside from revealing Battlefield 2042, EA largely skipped out on the E3 festivities this year, but they’ll have more to reveal later this month during their EA Play Live event. Thus far, this is all EA has had to say about the upcoming event

The show is a fast-paced one, coming in around 40 minutes and will feature what’s next for games like Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends. You’ll also see the first gameplay for Lost in Random, featuring explosive dice battles, time-freezing tactics and card collection. We’ll have a couple other games to highlight as well, but for those, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Many were hoping we’d see something new from Canadian RPG developer BioWare, with the recent of discovery Dragon Age alpha files on the PS Store perhaps pointing toward new info about that franchise. Unfortunately, BioWare has dumped a bucket of cold water on those hopes, saying they wouldn’t be showing off any Dragon Age or Mass Effect stuff at EA Play Live.

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That said, BioWare did just announce a new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, entitled Legacy of the Sith. The expansion celebrates The Old Republic’s 10th anniversary, and will add new features like combat styles, updated character-creation tools, underwater facilities and Sith fortresses to explore, and more! Here’s the expansion’s official description

BioWare announced today that it will begin a period of celebration for the 10th anniversary of Star Wars: The Older Republic with Legacy of the Sith, a major expansion that will kick off an exciting new time for the critically-acclaimed MMORPG. Legacy of the Sith will continue the game’s storyline, sending players on a military campaign to secure the aquatic planet Manaan for their faction as they uncover the ultimate plan of Darth Malgus, the renegade Sith.

The expansion also introduces redesigned combat styles, a new feature that blends class abilities and an array of quality-of-life upgrades. Combat styles will allow players to independently choose a specific class story and combine it with ability sets from other related tech or Force-wielding classes. New and old players alike can look forward to revamped character-creation system, featuring greater customization than ever before. And several game elements have been overhauled, including global rebalancing of gameplay and enemy encounters, updates to itemization, and character loadouts.

Star Wars: The Older Republic – Legacy of the Sith sneaks onto PC sometime this holiday season.