Dragon Age 4 PS Store Alpha File Discovery May Hint at an EA Play Live Presence

Dragon Age Dreadwolf

Could new more information about BioWare’s much-anticipated next Dragon Age adventure be coming our way at the EA Play Live show in July? New evidence seems to point in that direction! According to Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, an alpha version of Dragon Age 4 has been added to the PlayStation Store in some form. Apparently, this alpha is set to launch sometime in July, before EA Play Live.

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Now, before you get too excited about possibly playing an early version of Dragon Age 4 sometime soon, this alpha is very likely for limited testing purposes, perhaps only for internal use by EA employees. That said, if some early version of the game is ready for testing, that may very well indicate BioWare is also ready to show us more of the game. Fingers crossed!

The next Dragon Age has been in the works in one form or another for years, but was first officially teased back at The Game Awards 2018. Since then, not a lot of additional information has been shared, with the following teaser trailer being about all we have to go on.

At a certain point, Dragon Age 4 was rumored to be “Anthem with dragons,” with multiplayer and live-service elements being a large part of the formula. More recently, conflicting reports have emerged that the game has dropped multiplayer and has reverted to a more traditional single-player approach, as EA has begun to see the value in those types of games following the success off Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Reportedly a large portion of BioWare's resources, in both Canada and Texas, are now devoted to Dragon Age.

Platforms and a specific release window have yet to be confirmed for the next Dragon Age, although EA has said they aim to deliver the game during their fiscal year 2023 release (which runs from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023). We’ll have to wait and see whether that still holds true.

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