Titanfall Cheats, Tips and Tricks: Download Titanfall Beta for Some Killing Fun!

Rafia Shaikh

Titanfall Beta is now open to public letting some Xbox One and PC gamers taste the game before its official release on March 11 and 12 in U.S. and UK, respectively, following with Xbox 360's launching on March 28. While it may seem intimidating, Titanfall definitely offers quite a different multiplayer experience. Here are Titanfall Beta cheats, tips, and tricks to help you have fun with this game at the best! titanfall Beta cheats tips

Titanfall Beta cheats, tips and tricks:

You can still get access to Titanfall Beta. Go to titanfall.com/beta and you might just get a code! Registration is open till Monday, 17 February. Don't have high hope though as only limited number of seats is available on both the beta tests for Xbox One and PC. Here are the Titanfall Beta cheats and tips!

  • With the speed that Titanfall offers, it best to stay on higher ground and perhaps rooftops. You have to be close to checkpoints in Hardpoint point and higher ground is also essential for Attrition mode too.
  • Learn the timing of the game. Simply don't stop when Titan is ready to drop. Go to a quieter spot and call it then. If you die when your Titan is ready, you will be able to respawn inside the behemoth.titanfall Beta cheats and tips
  • Keep moving all the time, except when may be in the Hardpoint mode. Even when in your titan, don't stop. You'd get a sniper in the Beta mode too, but not all the time. So it's best to keep moving as targeting a moving body is harder.
  • When a Titan is coming towards you or you are being chased, do the Titanfall trick of sticking knife into a wall. Called a wall-hang trick, this move will get you behind your opponent to help you take them out or shooting them in the back. In case of Titans, wall hang, jump on to its back, open its compartments and ruin it!
  • When you are off the ground - say, on a rooftop - and you see an enemy walking by, jump over his head, swoop in and lock onto him to rodeo!download titanfall Beta cheats tips
  • Observe the map and don't just go to any street. The structure is mapped with certain points giving you running and jumping combos to get best points. When wall-running, land on the ground with some momentum and as you touch the ground, hit jump and you would be able to maintain the forward momentum.
  • One of Titanfall cheats and tips is that your Titan can duck too, just like your pilot. This will help you get to those tricky parts where Pilots are sitting by Hardpoint sites.
  • You will enjoy defeating your opponent with Titanfall. It's being termed as the "most satisfying" way to defeat!download titanfall beta
  • After a few rounds, you will get Burn Cards - big things! Burn Cards offer bonuses and power-ups that aren't normally offered during the game.
  • When someone is rodeoing you and you try to punch out, you both will get catapulted in the air. Both, at the same time! It will amaze you how Titanfall brings two guys up in the air storming fire!
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