Titanfall Beta Direct Feed Screenshot Comparison: Xbox One Vs. PC On Max Settings

Respawn Entertainment has initiated the Beta testing phase for its upcoming most awaited video game title, Titanfall. The game is always online first-person shooter involving deathmatches between players that will be controlling  giant metal Titans. Titanfall is exclusive to Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360 but the Beta is only limited to PC and Xbox One.

Titanfall Beta Direct Feed Screenshot Comparison: Xbox One Version Slightly Weaker Than PC Version

Titanfall Beta registration has ended and Electronic Arts is now sending out notification emails to the selected participants. Most of the lucky participants have already received their Beta codes and so it looks like the servers are almost full. Beta testing phase is very important for the developer because it will bring forth any minor bugs and glitches and will help the developer to eliminate such bugs before official launch of the game.

It seems like Respawn Entertainment is pretty satisfied and confident about the Beta version of Titanfall. There is no non-disclosure agreement in place, which means that the participants can freely discuss the game's quality and experience over the internet, share gameplay footage and screenshots and upload comparison videos and screenshots.

According to Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall will look same on both PC and Xbox One once its originally launched in March but the question is, how is Beta version performing on both the platforms? Most people expected that Beta version of the game would look more definitive and crisp on the PC compared to Xbox One but the results show that both the versions look quite same.

Thanks to DualShockers, we have a Titanfall Beta screenshot comparison showing the differences between Xbox one and PC version of the game. The game's visuals and graphics are almost same on both the platforms but the PC versions is slightly better in case of textures and resolution. The differences are so small that they can not be easily noticed in the actual gameplay. The immersion factor is the game is same on both platforms and the game runs smoothly without and major bugs or glitches.

According to DualShockers, the Xbox One Titanfall Beta screenshots were directly captured from the console's built-in screen-capturing feature while PC screenshots were captured via Fraps. None of the screenshots were compressed and each one was saved in PNG format to avoid resolution loss. The PC version of the game was running at maximum settings, 1920 x 1080 resolution and 4x MSAA at the time of capturing. Below is the Titanfall Beta screenshot comparison, do not forget to click on the image to view it in full resolution.

The above Titanfall Beta screenshot comparison shows the differences in Xbox One and PC version of the game. The PC version is obviously more refined and smooth while the Xbox One version is oversharpened and has lower resolution normal maps and textures. The differences are noticeable on the edges, PC has slightly more refined shadows and lightning. Overall, both the versions are similar in most aspects.

Dualshockers also shared the specifications of the PC on which the game was tested: "The PC version was tested on a rig with an AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 Black Edition overclocked to 3.8 Ghz, an overclocked Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2 GB, and 8B GB RAM. It held 60 FPS in a very stable fashion at the settings described above."

Titanfall will be released on March 11, 2014 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Please here if you want to see complete Titanfall Beta screenshots comparison.

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