Download Music and Videos Without iTunes – iOS Tips and Tricks

While iOS allows you download photos locally on your device, same is not true for videos. For being able to save videos, the shared videos must be in the proper format like in MP4 or MOV. Then again comes the trouble of emailing big movie files which leaves only one complicated process of downloading music or video files via iTunes or iCloud. If you want to learn about better, easier options to download music and video files on iPhone without iTunes, here are some ways to help you out. No jailbreaking required!

Download music and video files on iPhone without iTunes:

Android lets its users download files directly from the internet and store them locally. However, same is not possible for iPhone and iPad users who have to go through more complicated solutions to have files onto their devices. While jailbreaking helps you workaround these problems, it is not the most secure or recommended option. Here are a few options then that help you download music and video files on iPhone without iTunes:

- Use Infuse 3:

Infuse 3 is a free media player for iOS with a focus on videos. You can stream or download any video type on your iPad or iPhone using this service. You can access or download videos using Infuse from a variety of sources, including iTunes, FTP, File Sharing and Dropbox and Gmail. However, if you want to download a movie file on your iOS device from your computer,

  • Choose the via Browse option after connecting your iOS device and computer to the same network.
  • In the browser, enter the network address which Infuse 3 will have created for music and video files on iPhone
  • Drag and drop into the browser the video that you want to transfer to your mobile device; or select the key to choose the music and video files on iPhone
  • This will start transferring the video to your iPhone or iPad over a WiFi connection shared by both the devices.
  • The download files will be stored on your iOS device in the Infuse Documents & Data folder.

Download link: Infuse 3 for free

- Use Video Downloader:

If you want to download music and video files on iPhone and iPad without iTunes, another choice is using Video Downloader. Video Downloader lets you download videos from a website that allows downloading files locally. Just select a video and you will see a save icon to download it on your device. The locally downloaded videos will be stored in Video Downloader's Files section, easily accessible to you without having the need of an internet connection.

Download link: Video Downloader for free with download limits; you can also get Video Downloader Pro with no limitations for $399.

- Other options:

Another way of listening or watching video and music files is to make them easily accessible on your device. You can make your favorite videos or music files on Dropbox to have easy access. Another, even more easier way is to add the links as a Home Screen shortcut. If you have a web link of your favorite music or video file, you can save that link locally on your iPhone or iPad's home screen. On the URL, select the Share icon and tap on Add to Home Screen and ta da! This will help you to directly access the file through the icon on your device's home screen. However, both these options of using Dropbox or adding the link on home screen require connectivity and only ease the efforts of not having to search the file over and over again.

Don't forget to let us know if you have any free favorite tools to download music and video files on iPhone or iPad without iTunes / iCloud.

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