How To Unlock iOS 8.2 ‘Activity’ App Without Jailbreaking

Buried within iOS 8.2 interface is the Activity app, which will allow future Apple Watch owners to track their daily movements and gauge how much their fitness is improving as a result. It's one of the many cool features of Apple's forthcoming wearable, although it does require an Apple Watch to be connected to an iPhone before it will stand to attention. Luckily, there's a simple little workaround at hand that enables you to check it out without an Apple Watch or indeed a jailbreak, and below, we've got a step-by-step tutorial.

Apple is certainly looking to increase its stake in the lucrative fitness market with iOS Health and the Apple Watch, but rather than focusing purely on the fitness fanatics, it cleverly elaborates on the Nike FuelBand and allows every user to passively track and improve activity.

The Activity app has a real FuelBand-esque feel about it, which isn't surprising given the close ties between Apple and the fitness giant, and when you consider that some of the Nike staff formerly behind its popular gadget are now a part of Team Apple Watch, it's even less of a shock. The FuelBand made exercise feel fun and cool by allowing users to attain NikeFuel as they went about their daily routine, and this is about the crux of Activity's feature set.

Sounds good, right? And thanks to the guide below, you don't need to wait for your Apple Watch to arrive before you're able to unlock iOS 8.2's worst-kept secret.


  • iOS device running iOS 8.2.
  • iTunes installed, preferably the latest version.
  • Additionally, you'll also need to back your device up locally via iTunes. Using iCloud is ordinarily fine, but not for the purpose of this tutorial.

How To Unlock iOS 8.2 Apple Watch Activity App (No Jailbreak Required)

Step 1:

First and foremost, you'll need to grab a certain file, which can be found by clicking here.

Step 2:

Download iBackupBot for Windows / Mac.

Step 3:

Launch iBackupBot, and navigate to the backup that you created before starting.

Step 4:

Next, navigate through System Files --> Home Domain --> Library --> Preferences

Step 5:

Provided that you've extracted the file you grabbed in Step 1, click Import within iBackupBot, navigate to the System Files folder that appeared after extraction. Then, select the file.

Step 6:

Next, navigate through App Files --> --> Library --> Preferences.

Step 7:

Click Import once more, and this time, you'll be looking at the User App Files folder that you extracted in Step 1. Therein, you'll find another that you'll need to select.

Step 8:

Finally, close iBackupBot down, and within iTunes, select the Restore Backup option, before opting for the backup that you just modified.

Once the backup has been restored, you should notice a shiny new Activity app on your device, one that you haven't had to wait for Apple Watch's release to check out. Seeing as the wearable is still over one month from reaching the end user, though, it's as close as you're going to get for now, so follow the steps, give the app a whirl, and do let us know how you get on by dropping a comment below.

If you need any additional assistance, my buddy Jeff at iDB has a very neat video guide that'll help you along:


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