Download: iTunes 12.5.4 Released – Here’s What is New


Apple has released iTunes 12.5.4. Here's everything that is new and how you can update right away.

iTunes 12.5.4 Adds Support for Touch Bar & TV App

If you are a regular user of iTunes, then you might want to update to the latest release straight away. The reason for that is simple: it adds support for the latest TV app which Apple has released for iOS and tvOS. But that is not all, if you have Apple's shiny new 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, you'll be pleased to learn iTunes 12.5.4 adds support for it as well.

The support for Touch Bar is the thing that's most exciting here. You don't have to click anything in order to scrub through a song, movie or TV show. Simply slide your finger on the Touch Bar and you are absolutely golden. Icing on the cake is the addition of buttons that allow you to control music on the fly. Pretty handy if you are asking us.

If you don't have Apple's latest MacBook Pro, and don't happen to live in the United States either, then the iTunes 12.5.4 update might not mean much to you. But still, Apple tends to bake in bug fixes and performance enhancements, making the update worthwhile for everyone anyway.

If you have a Mac, you can grab the latest update directly from the Mac App Store. Simply launch Apple's app portal and click on the Updates tab. Once here, you'll see the latest update pop right up. Once it's there, click on the Update button. The download will take no more than a few minutes, until or unless you have an extremely slow Internet connection at hand. Also, you are not required to restart your Mac once the installation is complete. Therefore you do not have to worry about saving your files to fulfill the request of a restart.

Windows users can grab the latest update by launching the Software Update tool. Once you see the latest update, install it. Just like its Mac counterpart, you don't have to restart your PC at all in order to get things done.

Just for the sake of bug fixes and performance enhancements, we urge everyone to download this update. Make sure you download macOS 10.12.2 Sierra as well, which was released earlier today.